Google Autocomplete (Autosuggest) Manipulation

Google autocompleteAn important part of our reputation management services is manipulating Google Autocomplete (Autosuggest) results. We assume you already have an idea of what you want, so let’s get straight to the specifics:

  • Implementation takes 3-8 weeks;
  • Prices start from $150 per keyword per month;
  • It’s good for both ORM and SEO.

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Autocomplete Management for SEO

Imagine you’re a law firm in New York. What would you like it if, when someone searches for “law firm new york” Google suggests “law firm new york your great company”? According to recent studies, 26% of internet users will select such an autosuggestion. Your company will be number one in organic search results for your selected query, ahead of all your competitors.

Autocomplete Manipulation for Reputation Management

The autocomplete manipulation method is also an important tool in reputation management and can help bury negative information or search terms.

It can:

1. Make existing positive/neutral autosuggested search terms more prominent

Raise-up-existingHere’s an example on the right. There is just one negative search term suggested; the others are either positive/neutral, or relate to another person. If your sole aim is to suppress the negative term, we recommend you focus on other existing terms, and add just one or two new terms. Concentrating on this, rather than adding a whole host of new terms, will produce more and predictable results.

In the example given, we would recommend pushing the following queries up: “… geneva”, “… jersey”, “… brazil”, “… bader …”, “… bin al …”. We would then inject four new queries to reach the maximum number of autosuggested queries, which is 10.

2. Suppress existing negative autosuggested keywords, and substitute them with new positive/neutral keywords of your choice

This is similar to above, but involves injecting all new keywords from scratch. For example:

  • your name linkedin
  • your name bio
  • your name charity
  • your name entrepreneur
  • your name honored

3. Add new autosuggested search terms that will produce more favorable search results

If your current name or brand produces unfavorable Google search results, and you already know what terms you need to add in order to achieve more positive results, we can add these terms in Google. Searchers will then sometimes choose these more positive autosuggestions. This will greatly aid in improving your online image (if you need to clear page one of Google, check LinkWiper).

Autocomplete Querying Service

Instead of typing and scraping manually, here is a simple and free online tool that shows all autocomplete suggestions for your chosen query:

You can also create your own set of results by sending a query to Google API. Example:

How Does it Work?

We perform real qualified human searches and clicks using your specified search terms. We therefore substitute current autosuggested terms with the new ones of your choice.


Google Autocomplete results vary depending on the search language selected in Google when a query is typed. Please specify your target language when contacting us.


Once we’ve successfully injected the desired keywords into Google Autosuggest, we advise our clients to switch to maintenance mode. This will help to keep the desired results prominent and prevent negative terms from rising up the list again. Maintenance mode costs half the regular price, and starts from $75 per keyword per month.

Reflections of Our Work in Google Trends

Google Trends show an increase in traffic for manipulated search queries within one month:

Queries in Google Trends Queries in Google Trends Queries in Google Trends





– a spike in April is when we started working on these cases.

Autocomplete Management for Yahoo, Bing and Yandex

Besides Google, we also provide professional autocomplete management services for Yahoo, Bing and Yandex search engines.

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