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Comprehensive SEO in Yandex

Akado agency is a team of specialists that provides Yandex SEO for corporate websites and online shops. We analyse the features of the client’s business, site settings, and particular qualities of the site ranking in Russian search engines Yandex and, and create an individual strategy for each project. This allows us to achieve stable positions in the Russian search engines. As a result, you will get more visits from search engines. Our monthly reports contain the results of our work.

In addition to the website promotion, we can offer:

What is important for Yandex SEO nowadays?

In the early 2000s, it was enough to create a website and specify the keywords that you want to use in marketing. In 2005 – 2009, people were buying links.  Those who bought more links occupied a higher position in SERP.

Today, the search engine algorithms have become much more complicated. It is not enough just to add the keywords to the page or buy the links. You can check this by purchasing any number of links in any exchanges. But be careful, the search engines can impose penalties for such actions.

Nowadays, a website promotion is a complex process that includes:

  • Preparation of a semantic kernel. You will have the list of queries that effectively promote your site. Nowadays, it is not possible to promote a website with casual queries.
  • Website improvements. Your website should have a great functionality and usability.
  • Competent marketing strategy. If your strategy is weak, you will get sanctions on your website.  You will not be able to use SEO to get customers from the search engines.
  • Optimization. We work on technical and content parts.
  • Internal optimization.
  • Analysis of the incoming traffic and user’s behaviour on the site.
  • Work with additional sources of traffic to the promoted website (contextual advertising, social networks).

This is not a complete list of the steps needed to improve the position of the site in Yandex. However, it is the only way to promote the site today and get good results. The old strategy of buying links is gone forever.

Our Yandex SEO Services

Nowadays, 90% of the success of any SEO project consists of three parts: goals, a competent strategy and a good planning. Therefore, we discuss the strategy, goals, tasks, budget, expected results and the time frame with a client before beginning the project.

If you send the order for the Yandex SEO to us, we will send you the application form to fill in. In some cases, we can ask additional questions.

Once we have the filled form in, you will get a commercial proposal for SEO in Yandex and Google. The proposal will include the list of works on the website, projected results and the time frame.

If you accept the proposal, we will sign a contract and begin to work. Every month we make a schedule of the project. We will inform you of the completion of each stage. At the end of the month, we send a report with the results of our work.

The way you control the project

We provide access to the detailed statistics of the website. You can track the traffic, referrers and search phrases that bring people to your site. You can check the quality of our work at any time.

We also do English SEO.






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