Russian SEO

Russian SEO

Get Top Russian SERP Ranking
With Less Pain & More Profit

Our team of Russian SEO experts make it painless for you to have a powerful Russian SEM campaign. While our innovative SEO software allows you to ”Try before you buy’, showing the keywords that’ll drive the most traffic to your site.

No Pain — All Gain

Creating an SEO strategy for any market is always difficult — keyword research, competitor research, customer research, optimising website content, creating backlinks, and so on. Now imagine the expertise needed to successfully do all this for a foreign market in a foreign language.

— You’ve just imagined Akado.

Our Russian SEO team are all native Russian speakers and expert SEO analysts. This makes us uniquely able to translate the value of your business into a highly effective SEO strategy that puts your website at the top of Russian search results.

And by taking care of all your Russian language and Russian SEO needs, we make this process both profitable and painless.

Our Profitable Process

Most SEO agencies are limited to only estimating PPC budget and search volume. Our innovative SEO software allows us to predict the traffic that really comes to your site.

For each keyword, we’ll tell you:

  • How many visitors our client can expect from organic search;
  • The cost of per visitor.

This allows you to see the results before you spend even one penny. It means we can offer flexible SEO pricing, depending on your business needs. And it’s why our clients save an average of 5 times the cost of acquisition in comparison to Google AdWords or Yandex Direct.

Get a FREE analysis of your site within one business day

Success Story — MedFinland

MedFinland ( came to us with a brand new medical tourism site they wanted to aim at the Russian market.

Their problems? No keywords, no traffic and nowhere to be seen in Russian search results.

Our solutions? First we used our innovative SEO software to perform keyword research. This allowed us to provide MedFinland with not only the actual search terms used by Russians, but also tell our client how many visitors to expect for each search term and the cost per visitor.

Our client lacked on-site optimisation, so our native Russian copywriters rewrote their texts to make them engaging and SE-optimised. In fact, we even added on-site linking to improve site navigation and visitor conversion rates.

And the results? After just over two months with Akado, MedFinland was ranked in the 1nd position in and the 5th position in Yandex for their main search term: “лечение в Финляндии” – “(medical) treatment in Finland”. More importantly, thanks to our Russian SEO expertise, they’ve finally got the customers their business needs to grow.

Start your SEO success story — contact us for a FREE analysis of your site within one business day.


We specialize in SEO and the promotion of websites for corporate clients, for whom the Russian language is not native. It is hard for this type of clients to optimize website content and choose keywords in an unfamiliar language. Therefore, we take care of all the work on the analysis of search queries, which will provide the maximum effectiveness of your website in search engines and Yandex. We focus on these two search engines, as they almost completely cover the search market in Russia. Our agency uses only legal and proven technologies for search engine optimization and website promotion. We also provide link building services. Our partner database contains thousands of PR3-PR6 Russian websites. We rent links on those websites with a help of the most advances software to ensure the most economical use of your budget, and monitor your site’s positions on a daily basis.

Traffic received by SEO is a most welcomed for the site owners. Visitors who come from search engines are interested in your services already. They are almost ready to buy. Its quality is even higher than the traffic from search advertising, and you do not pay for each click.

“If you work with our company, I can assure you that your site will take the top positions in just 4-5 months”, says Ilya Nikitin, a Russian SEO expert at Akado.


Working with us is convenient and profitable.  Our SEO pricing is flexible, depending on your business needs.  In most cases our SEO service will give you a 5 times lower cost of acquisition than Google AdWords or Yandex Direct. If you contact us today, we will analyse your site and send you an offer within one business day.

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